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Highlights of Nandamuri Balayya and Shriya saran GPSK Exclusive Interview


The most awaited Historical Magnum Opus directed by Krish Jagarlamudi starring Nandamuri Balayya in lead role is ready for release.
Talented director Krish sculpted the script without diminishing the cultural epitome of memoir on Satavahana ruler Gautami Putra Shatakarni.
Krish’s finite planning, uncompromised production techniques, support from technical team and Balayya’s strict discipline on sets wrapped up the shoot in an impossible span.

Nandamuri Balayya
However, as this Epic Drama is slated to hit the screens on January 12th, 2017 here are the Highlights of latest Interview of Shreya saran and Balakrishna.

1. How do you feel on the movie depicting theme on Amaravathi, after Amaravathi has been made as capital of A.P?
A) Nandamuri Balayya – It’s Pure Coincidence and Fortuity for GPSK to commence in the same time span when Amaravathi is made as Capital of A.P, nothing was intentionally planned earlier. May be I was fortuned to role as Shatakarni by God’s intentions.

2. Original story was a big literary collection, how much of it is portrayed in this movie?
A) Balayya – The main story would finish with Shatakarni’s fight with Demetrius, The Greek Ruler. Krish portrayed the main theme in just 2.12 Hours fantastically.

3. How did it feel after watching the Final output of the movie?
A) Nandamuri Balayya – I was speechless and astonished of GPSK not just by the output, but from the beginning of shoot. Entire crew was completely dedicated and committed to the work all the way in the journey resulting in wrapping up shoot in 79 Days.

4. It’s said that GPSK didn’t have much of the detailed literature in handy, Did Krish face problems in scripting?
A) Balayya – From the sculptures to Clothes most of the details were collected evidently, Late Archeologists Parabrahma Shastry and Krishnashastry has researched on Shatakarni story and proved that he is a Telugu King. These supposedly helped Krish in finalizing the script.
Shreya – We kept reciting shlokas and mantras spirited about him cause it was completely unknown story to many and is highly inspirational to further centuries. I’m Thankful to Krish for bringing out such master piece. Balakrishna looks just like the way Shatakarni truly was anciently.

5. How did you prepare yourselves to magnify the intensity in character?
A) Balayya – It’s a big challenge to me, though my father’s early movies stand as a reference to this characterization. With the involvement of Krish in every detail from costumes to highlighting the historical importance of screen presence, movie has enacted a serious message to the next generation from history.
Shreya – I had to opt to the character which wasn’t much spoken in the history. For that I tried to give the best possible grace I could give to justify the character. With a big support from Crew, Krish and Balayya garu I could successfully portray my role in a full length historical movie.

6. It’s been 8 months journey of making this film, do you think its life changing?
A) Balayya – Yes of course I feel it’s purely my luck to be the part of a notional movie.
Shreya – Yes it would be a remarkable milestone film in my career.

7. Did you find any difficulty in shooting War scenes?
A) Balayya – Not at all, I felt very anxious and energetic doing them in fact Krish was very happy as the climate was very favorable while shooting those epic scenes.

8. As you said, Shatakarni was a responsible character, did you feel nervous while doing it?
A) Balayya – Undoubtedly Krish could be quoted as Spielberg of Tollywood, his ethical and peculiar screenplay fortified my acting which resulted in good output finally.

9. How different was it working around him for you?
A) Shreya – I was about 19 years while Balakrishna’s Narasimhanaidu was trending, it feels privileged to act beside such a legendary actor in a historical character. No one else could have justified Shatakarni character other than Balakrishna with such an esteemed passion.

10. What’s the character of Power star Shivaraj Kumar’s in this movie?
A) Balayya – Legendary actor Shivaraj Kumar is a very ground to earth person. He immediately agreed to do a cameo in our movie without uncertainty when I requested him. In this movie he plays a Burra Katha Kalaakarudu role revealing the history of Shatakarni in a song.

11. What’s your expectation on your movie if asked to answer frankly?
A) Shreya – Everyone hopes for the best result, rather it be a mother about a child or a Team for a movie release. We strongly believe Shatakarni records high than other.

12. What are your next projects?
A) Nandamuri Balayya – My next project would be possibly Raithu – if everything goes well. From now on I can firmly say it would be a new era of Balakrishna’s film career with back to back significant movies.

13. Tell us about the music Director?
A) Balayya/Shreya – Chirantan Bhatt hailing from a legendary family of filmy biggies, has been a very talented music directors, his trending tunes on YouTube proves this. As it’s my first movie with him, I will surely work with him in future without any despise.

14. What’s your final feeling after watching the movie, did you find your father’s traces in your role?
A) Nandamuri Balayya – My father’s impact has been on me throughout the film but I had to re-adapt me as per characterization in several scenes. I’m immensely happy with my work for the movie.

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