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Khaidi No 150 Movie Live Updates




Khaidi No 150 Movie Updates:

• ‘Khaidi No 150’ is the first Telugu film to be screened in Mumbai Maratha Mandir

• ‘Khaidi No 150’ releases over 220+ screens in Karnataka

• More than 300 shows scheduled for ‘Khaidi No 150’ at Hyderabad on Wednesday

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast : Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal
Director : V.V. Vinayak
Producer : Ram Charan
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Released on: 11-01-2017

Khaidi No 150 Movie Live Updates:

8.46 Pm: We are happy to bring you the LIVE UPDATES of Khaidi No 150 – Mega Star

8:56 pm:  Due to massive crowd, people are sent inside, a glimpse of ‘Mega Star’ after a long.

9:00 pm: Thousands of fans are in front of theaters and shouting Megastar Zindabad-JAI Chiranjeevi – BOSS IS BACK

8:05 Pm: MegastarJindabad – Megastar- Megastar

8:10 Pm: Premiere shows have started

8:15 Pm: The scene opens up with a prison break sequence. ‘Mega Star’ Chiranjeevi escapes from prison and cops chase him.

8:20 Pm: Cops surround him and we go for 30 mins back flashback portion

8:28 Pm: Police are worried about catching him again. Cops recommend ‘Khaidi No 150’ as he has escaped several times and he knows the pulse of the escaped accused.

8:30 Pm: Chiranjeevi as petty thief agrees to help cops on few conditions. He demands blueprint of the Prison. Quite interesting narration so far!

8:35 Pm: Now, Chiranjeevi says to cops that he will run with a guess how he would have escaped. Police catch the escaped convict and Chiru escapes during this break.

8:40Pm: Chiranjeevi comes to his friend Ali’s place and asks him to prepare fake passport

8:44 Pm: Chiranjeevi meets Kajal at Airport

8:48 Pm: Chiranjeevi drops his idea of moving abroad. He stays in India after falling in love with Kajal.

8:54 Pm: Twist to the tale. Chiranjeevi meets his look-alike and some goons shoot him.

9:00 Pm: Chiranjeevi makes a plan and he changes his stuff with the ‘Innocent’ Chiranjeevi.

9:10 Pm: The old age home people tear the DD slip and Chiranjeevi demands another cheque from him.

9:15 Pm: Antagonist Tarun Arora makes his entry.

9:25 Pm: An old man gets a heart attack and everyone panics. Chiranjeevi tries to intimate the old man’s residence and no one receives the call.

9:28 Pm: So far, it has been a complete package from the ‘Mega Star’.

9:30 Pm: Kajal asks Chiranjeevi a help. She requests him to slap Ward counselor.

9:33 Pm: Time for a romantic song sequence.

9:45 Pm: The movie moves towards heavy side. The innocent Chiranjeevi wakes up at Prison hospital and screams that he should be at court submitting some reports and documents.

9:48 Pm: Police find out that he is innocent.

9:48 Pm: Meanwhile, some goons try to Kill the thief Chiranjeevi at old age home. An intense action scene with some powerful background from DSP.

9:55 Pm: Tarun Arora brings Chiranjeevi to his place. He warns Chiranjeevi to sign the documents and get 25 Crores and leave the country.

10:00 Pm: Chiranjeevi accepts the money and he gives ‘SWEET WARNING’ to him not to disturb people at Old age home.

10:05 Pm: Chiranjeevi gets a phone call from old age home that Lions Club is honoring him with an award and a cheque of few lakhs.

10:08 Pm: At the Lions club event, we have flashback sequence for the innocent Chiranjeevi.

10:15 Pm: Chiranjeevi with nerd glasses and innocent looks has made a complete changeover.

10:20 Pm: An MNC tries to abduct those lands and they even murder few farmers to grab it.

10:25 Pm: A powerful stunt scene once again. Chiranjeevi is at his best.

10:35 Pm: Tarun Arora calls and warns him. Chiranjeevi says, “I AM WAITING…” and with this we have Intermission!

10:50 Pm: Kajal Aggarwal falls for him and she proposes Chiranjeevi.

10:56 Pm: Tarun Arora orders to buy a person within the commission to give commission report in favor of them

11:00 Pm: Meanwhile, the innocent Chiranjeevi escapes from Prison

11:04 Pm: One of the best ever action scenes. Here comes the most awaited COIN FIGHT sequence.

11:08 Pm: Chiranjeevi tries to bring this to everyone notice. But Media and public are least bothered about this. They ignore as this has ‘Zero’ news value.

11:12 Pm: He sits inside Pipes along with old age people

11:16 Pm: People get tensed as water has been stopped and without water everyone panics.

11:21 Pm: Meanwhile, the innocent Chiranjeevi surrenders before Police and Tarun Arora kidnaps him from the police.

11:26pm: Tarun Arora speaks to the innocent guy about how much tough nut he was.

11:35 Pm: A powerful dialogue delivery from Chiranjeevi stressing out the problems faced by farmers and the drought situation prevailing across the state.

11:41 Pm: Tarun Arora threatens the thief Chiranjeevi to bring documents signed else he will murder the innocent one.

11:51 Pm: Court issues order in favor of Village and we have a ‘Happy Ending’.

11:56 Pm:It’s quite a treat to watch ‘Mega Star’ in such a commercial and social message oriented film.

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